Help STOP illegal wildlife trade

How is illegal wildlife trade threatening the future of many of the world's most iconic species and what can you do to help? 

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We Will Never Forget

Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV) is a deadly virus which affects young elephants globally. By ACTING FOR WILDLIFE we can make a difference to these young elephants.

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Fighting for frogs!

More than a third of the known amphibian species are threatened with extinction. We will continue to fight for frogs & do all we can to stop them from going extinct.

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Sustainable Palm Oil Challenge

Join our Palm Oil Challenge - we want to make sustainable palm oil the norm. And to do this, we need your help!

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Our ecards are saving endangered wildlife

Buy your loved ones a charity gift from as little as £3 that will help change the lives of both people and wildlife.

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We help save endangered animals & wildlife around the world

Act for Wildlife is a wildlife conservation campaign led by Chester Zoo, helping to save endangered species around the world from extinction.

100% of your donations are spent on our conservation projects around the world, to make a very real difference to conservation in the wild.

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We Will Never Forget

Act for Elephants and help us fight a deadly virus that affects young elephants around the world.

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Get involved today

With so much to do for endangered species around the world, we’ve made fundraising for Act for Wildlife simple and fun, so it’s easy to act now.

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Latest blog posts

It's a race against time...

Amphibian experts are playing Cupid to try and save one of the largest and most endangered frog species in the world from extinction, the mountain chicken frog. 

Working with local people to protect endangered primates

Maria Joana Ferreira da Silva is the coordinator of a team of researchers in Portugal. Last year she was awarded a studentship grant from Chester Zoo to support her work in protecting the endangered Guinea-Bissau Western chimpanzee.

Helping to save one of the most critically endangered trees in Britain

Propagation is a lengthy process and our botanics team here at the zoo work hard year round to make sure the cuttings grow into strong and healthy trees that are ready to be planted back into the wild. Let's follow Richard Hewitt, Chester Zoo’s horticulturist team manager, as he take us through the propagation process...

What your support can achieve


Will fuel a rhino ranger patrol vehicle for a week.

Where does your donation go?

100% of your donations are spent on our conservation projects around the world, to make a very real difference to conservation in the wild.

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